Parallax scrolling | Screening Programme

Curated by Rebecca Lewin

Preview: 18 January, 6 – 9 pm

19 – 21 January 2017


Exhibition Text by Rebecca Lewin | Press Release | Screening Programme Note


The Parallax scrolling screening programme, curated by Rebecca Lewin together with artists Nicholas Hatfull, Lauren Keeley and Jackson Sprague, explores the treatment of perspective, depth and perception in two and three dimensions.

Incorporating a number of different moving image techniques, the short films in the screening programme draw attention to the ways in which space and movement can be suggested on screen, creating both a precursor and a parallel to the experience of moving through the exhibition of works that will follow the screenings.


The screening programme includes the following: 


Notes for another riverbank - Nicholas Hatfull (03:36)

An Autumn Afternoon clip - Yasujiro Ozu (05:07)

Seasons - Yuri Norstein (08:50)

Bernard Leach clip (02:31)

Last Year at Marienbad clip - Alan Resnais (05:15)

Tutorial: How to make a short video about ideas - David Blandy (03:03)

7 threads for a dress - Michelangelo Antonioni (10:00)

Il Girasole trailer (03:32)


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